A multi-vendor marketplace is an e-commerce platform that empowers multiple vendors to sell their products from one storefront.xt

There could be hundreds of features in the best multi-vendor marketplace. Most of the features fall into the following groups:

Is the platform intuitive and easy to understand? Is it easy to design, navigate and customize the platform based on specific requirements?

when choosing an eCommerce platform, you should consider the security and maintenance aspects that will enable you to get the best-in-class technology and safety. 

Consider the average standby time, time to resolution, and other factors when determining the right platform for use. . 

Open-source platforms, too, may have certain premium features and additional costs that you should factor in when deciding on the right platform

Not every online store can support 24x7 services. With multiple vendors, the platform allows the vendor to choose the hours when they will be available for the customers..

. Having detailed analytics and data regarding sales and businesses ensures that your vendors gain a better perspective about what is selling and areas that need improvement.

. Advanced search features that allow them to filter by date, keywords, categories, or others ensure that the buying process is much simpler and faster.

Today, customers use various options and channels when making payments. Cash on delivery (COD) and online payment options form the basis of any good eCommerce platform.