A site is said to be responsive if it flows well on large screens like a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, and also excellently well on smaller screens like mobile phones. text

The thing is, no matter how awesome and powerful your e-commerce site is, it won’t convert as you would expect if it is poorly designed.

Studies suggest that if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, visitors will start to leave your site. And for every other second it takes to load, your conversion rate drops by 4%.

If you are serious about scaling your e-commerce business, you must make your website easy to navigate. .

Not everyone will have the patience to move from page to page looking for a product. Most will rather just leave than go through that stress.

the site search, sorting, and filtering features should be highly visible – and powerful too. By powerful, we mean they should sort and filter products quickly.

Limiting your customers to only one or two payment options can have catastrophic repercussions.

Have you noticed you don’t necessarily need to have an account to shop on most online stores? This is because most sites now enable guest checkouts.

Ninth on our e-commerce website features list is product return information. Why is this important? Not all sales will go well.

This then begs the question: where do you display your product return policy? What better place than an FAQ page?